To the stars and I Lil further.


Have you ever seen brown eyes in the sun? You don’t always notice it at first but you’ll see that ‘brown’ no longer describes them. They melt into golden rays, circling an eclipse. There’s nothing boring about brown eyes, not even when the later hours encroach; they just turn into a sunset of their own. 

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The Impossible Trinity of Creativity

Cool Sky cars to be built in Tel Aviv.
A 500m loop will be built on the campus of Israel Aerospace Industries which could soon be followed by a commercial network.The plan is to allow passengers to order one of the sky cars on their smartphone to meet them at a station and then head off to their destination. The vehicles will be able to achieve speeds of up to 70km/h (43mph) although it is expected to offer much faster vehicles, when it goes commercial. The system should be up and running by the end of 2015
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E se Dragon Ball fosse feito pela Disney


Arte por Michael Lee

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